Gamer Maker and Play Engines: Design of VR and AR Environments


University of the Arts Berlin

Winter 2016

The seminar was dedicated to the latest digital visualization strategies, which fluidify the boundaries between film, architecture and computer games. Using film, architecture and computer game projects as examples, the seminar examined the special features of transmedial interplay in the creation of immersive spaces of experience. The following questions arose: What knowledge and experience spaces do game engines open up as planning and communication platforms and what role do the interdisciplinary spaces play for the respective disciplines? What is the relationship between narrative and spatial structures and playful elements? What role does artificial intelligence play in the design process? On the basis of case studies from architecture, film and gaming, current visualization techniques, their technological developments and modes of action were discussed.

Can Altinsoy
Elias Asisi
Anastasia Baranova
Julian Eric Christian
Aglae Dubois
Gregor Finger
Hannah Greifenstein
Bruno Hansen
Julia Herold
David Huston
Ferdinand List
Julian Loscher
Julian Netzer
Cecilie Parra
Christian-Linus Pauling
Henrike Reinhold
Daria Sanitskaia
Fabian Schneider
Dariya Susak
Jack Wolf